You are willing to move your X ray equipment from one site to another, to have it checked, to have it repaired, to install it, to dispose of it.

These technical operations are generally regulated and we strongly recommend you not perform them yourselves!

Your personal involving in these operations may seriously damage your X ray equipment and you may hurt yourselves.

An X ray equipment uses advanced technologies, it is fragile, it needs to be set-up prior its use, specifically to the voltage available in your practice. The use of an X ray unit generates X ray emissions that are harmful to your health and should be strictly controlled. Don't try to fix this unit yourselves!

GeR, who has been manufacturing X ray units for veterinary applications for 20 years, is qualified to perform maintenance and technical operations on your GeR X ray equipment.

However, these operations are fairly regulated country by country and we invite you to contact our distributor in your country to know who is qualified to do what. See below the list of our international distributors.


Typical operations cover the following cases 

  • Installation -connecting your X ray unit in your practice.
  • Move your X ray equipment from one site to another.
  • After Sales Services.
  • Audit of the quality of your radiological chain.
  • Buy-back of your old unit against a new equipment.
  • Recycling of the environmentally dangerous parts of your old X ray unit (lead, heavy metals, oil)

Contact our distributor in your country and ask for a quote.