The Vet-Tech range

The Vet-Tech concept, launched by GeR in 2005, is the accomplishment of a global approach of the veterinary radiography. Its expert programme provides you with a user-friendly command of the radiographic techniques that ensures that each shot is correctly executed.

The Vet-Tech range is available in two presentations and each one is composed of three different powers.

  • The Vet-Tech and the Vet-Tech Classic presentations.
  • The powers: 12kW (200HF), 20kW (250HF) and 30kW (300HF)

The Vet-Tech range, its characteristics, the options are detailed into the brochure herebelow.


In order to compare the range of radiographic parameters (kV = kilovolts and mA = milli Ampères) that depends on the power of the different X ray units, please view the following Pdf file.

  • Design : GeR has commissioned the design of its products to specialists so that your x ray unit enhances the image of your practice.
  • User friendly : Your objective is to generate images of good quality at once and repeatibly while focusing on the animal and your diagnostic. The Vet-Tech X ray units are designed for this very purpose thanks to their user friendly interface, their touch sensitive screen, their posisitioning assistance, theuir library of reference images; any staff member of your practice can generate good images with the Vet-Tech.
  • Performance : The Vet-Tech X ray units are equipped with first class digital electronics that ensures that the tube performance is delivered in real time according to the parameters that are selected (kV = kilovolts and mA = Milli Amperes). This ensures the repeatability of the process. Voltage fluctuations in your practice are alos compensated.
  • Safety: the Vet-Tech X ray units comply to international standards relative to electrical safety, radiological safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • Cost effective : each image is correctly made. You save on films and processing chemicals as well as your own energy and time. The electrical line that supplies the vet-Tech unit is limited to 3kW, which may reduce the cost of your electrical commodity supply.
  • Evolution: Finally the Vet-tech X ray unit evolve over time: their softwares embark new options and digital acquisition of images are integrated. See page Digital Acquisition.

See the following options: myelographic accessories and contention accessories.