Product Range


GeR designs and manufactures stationary X ray units for veterinary applications for more than 20 years and has installed more than 2000 units over its history, of which 50% are outside France.

In addition, GeR distributes X ray related products and equipments that spam over the whole radiological chain, all the way from the X ray shot down to the processing whether chemical or digital.


WARNING: All these equipments are not available for sale in all countries; please contact us for confirmation.

GeR products:

  • Stationary X ray units for small animals: the Vet-TechTM range.
  • Automatic chemical processor: EcomaxTM
  • Digital acquisition systems, the DR system integrated into the Vet-Tech
  • Portable X ray units for large animals: the AjexTM range.
  • Radioprotection: lead aprons, gloves, thyroid collars, goggles.
  • Commodities : films, cassettes, itensifying screens, processing chemcals.