Digital Acquisition

Introduction for digital acquisition:

The digital acquisition of radiological images advantageously replaces the chemical processing by eliminating many of the burden of that later method. No or limited handling, no chemical product, no dark room.

However, a digital acquisition system must be adapted to your existing X ray equipment and your imaging activity. We herebelow suggest a small summary of thoughts and a list of definitions to help you to select an appropriate system.

The GeR DR acquisition system is integrated into the Vet-Tech X ray unit namely, the Vet X DR system. Upgrade of an existing Vet-Tech X ray system is also possible.

DR acquisition systems (Direct Radiography): a digital detector is integrated into the radiological table and transforms the X ray photons into graphical information. Several digital detector and scintillator technologies are available and produce different image qualities. These systems do not require cassette manipulation any more.

See below the Vet X DR brochure and a library of typical images produced by these systems in a Vet practice.


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