The Company

For 20 years, GeR has been designing, manufacturing, distributing and installing    X-ray equipment for veterinary applications:

GeR manufactures the ‘heart' of the radiological equipment, which consists of building the high tension related parts: these parts are mainly the X ray monobloc and the energy generator, which have been the core know how of GeR for a long time.


Manufacturing of the X ray tank.

It consists of the assembly of the X ray tube together with its appropriate electronics and power components. Once duly connected together these parts are placed into a tank, which is vacuum filled with oil that prevents from electrical shocks, that could be generated by the high tension as high as 120 kilovolts.


  • Manufacturing of the energy generator.
    The energy generator are the electronic parts that converts the electrical signal sent by the commodity supplier into signals meaningful to the X ray tube.
    GeR generators use digital type electronics that enable very fast signal transmission and an interactive information between the electronics and the X ray tube in real time during the X ray shot. The X ray tube outputs are strictly controled, which ensures that each X ray shot is correct. This is a GeR technological exclusivity.

    Manufacturing of the customer interface :

    It consists of a user friendly and ergonomic software, accessible via a touch sensitive screen. This software is downloaded into a dedicated PC that is integrated into the command electronics; this computer is assembled by GeR.
    It has been developed by the Imaging Department of l'Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon (National Veterinary University in Lyon City) under the supervision of Professor Paul Barthès (Professeur vétérinaire, ACVR, ECVDI).
    It is a GeR exclusive software which has been granted innovation trophies in 2003 and 2005, during industrial congresses in France.


  • Assembly of the whole unit in an aesthetical and solid table
    No electromagnetic brake but mechanical brakes with foot activated handle. Garanteed loading weight of 135kg, 2 way floating table top.

  • Integration of a digital acquisition system of X ray images, ‘DR'.
    It consists of integrating a digital detector (called flat panel) inside the table, to synchronise the detector relative to the X ray generator and to dedicate a computer and adequate softwares for the digital acquisition and the post processing of the images.

    Guarantee that the whole units comply to the CE standards.

    The standard requirements relate to the electrical safety, the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the strict monitoring of the primary X ray emission field and of the X ray emission leaking levels.

    Our partners :



    Please check with your national distributor which standards specific to your country are applicable. 



    Up to date, GeR has manufactured over 2000 radiographic units radiographiques of which half outside France, mostly in Europe.



    X Ray related products

    Moreover, GeR has extended its product range with a whole range of radiographic related products.

    GeR has selected some suppliers for their reputation and their service levels in order to offer products that are related to your radiographic activity, including :

    • Portable X ray units, generally dedicated to equine activity.
    • Digital acquisition systems of X ray images, ‘CR' type.
    • Automatic chemical film processors.
    • Lead protections: aprons, gloves, goggles, thyroid collars...
    • Commodities: films, cassettes and itensifying screens, processing chemicals (developer, fixer), measuring gauge.

    After Sales Services.

    Between 5 to 7% of GeR sales is generated by the after sales activity of the 2000 units already installed. Most operations are the following:

    • Replacement of X ray tube.
    • Update of command software versions.
    • Maintenance of the command and power electronics (generator).
    • Carrying off of old X ray equipments upon delivery of a new GeR X ray unit and recycling of dangerous materials (non ferrous metals, heavy metals, oil).
    • Removals, connection to electrical set-up, electronic set-up of generators, for all GeR already installed units.
    • Supply of documentary support : certificate of origin, CE certificates, user manuals...